Can Fruit Make You Fat?

3rd December 2018By Scott HallidayUncategorised

Can fruits make people fat? This is a pretty controversial topic because there are many people claiming that you can eat as many fruit as you want without gaining fat. And there are also many that say you should limit your intake. Here’s my honest opinion: Fruits have so many health benefits! They are an … Read More

Dieting On The Go

1st October 2018By Scott HallidayUncategorised

One of the biggest challenges for the professional women I coach is how to keep their diet on track when travelling. . For example, my client Maxine spends roughly a third of the week away from home on work travels. . In the past this would’ve meant little to no plan diet-wise. UNDERSTANDABLY – because … Read More

Stephen Hawkins Lessons For Us All

10th August 2018By Scott HallidayUncategorised

I don’t know an incredible amount about Stephen Hawking but I do know I’ve always admired him. . His book, A Brief History Of Time, was in my house growing up although, regretfully, I never read it. . I’ve also STILL not watched The Theory Of Everything – despite wanting to from the moment I … Read More

22nd July 2018By Scott HallidayUncategorised

I want to get you thinking, if I may… . The concept of WHY our goals are important has been repeated to the point of cliche in recent years. . I’ve found myself reluctant to ‘go there’ because it all feels so goddam cheesy. . If you’ve somehow managed to avoid the self-help gurus and … Read More

19th July 2018By Scott HallidayUncategorised

Make Your Goals Ones That REMOVE Stress – Not Cause It Improving your Health & Fitness should be about improving the quality of your life – I mean, duh

17th July 2018By Scott HallidayUncategorised

8 Things You Should Know About Carbs . 1️Your brain’s preferred fuel source – in other words, you’re likely to be sharper and happier when you eat them. . 2️ Your body’s preferred fuel source – more energy for training and ‘life’. . 3️ 4 calories per gram – the same as protein, less than half of … Read More

Reality Of Weight-Loss

16th July 2018By Scott HallidayUncategorised

🔥 What Happens When You Start A Weight-Loss Programme? 🔥 . So, you’ve got going and you’re in a Calorie-Deficit – which, as we know, is what causes weight-loss. . (No calorie-deficit = no weight-loss!) . The first thing to happen is your body starts shedding water-weight – mainly as you’ll be eating fewer carbs. … Read More